Authentic Oaxacan Stone-Ground Drinking Chocolate de Rosenda

The word chocolate comes from the Nauhatl word xocolatl, a beverage made from stone-ground cacao that dates back almost 4,000 years.

Our product contains only 4 ingredients and is naturally vegan and gluten-free, and is 98% organic. We are currently working on obtaining our USDA Organic certification.


Cacao means “food of the gods” and is indigenous to the region between Chiapas, Mexico and the northern foothills of the Andes. We use organic, sustainable, single-source cacao from this region to preserve the most authentic flavor. The raw cacao beans are lightly roasted and then stone-ground. Unlike with most chocolate products, the cacao shell or cascara is left on the bean, which gives the chocolate its gritty texture. The result is minimally-processed chocolate that retains more of the natural nutritional value and antioxidants.


We use only unrefined organic cane sugar. The recipe we use is called semi-amargo almendrado or “semi-bitter with almonds.” The result is a stronger, richer chocolate flavor. The sugar is added to the pre-ground chocolate and then ground again.


We use only Ceylon cinnamon. The thinner, papery cinnamon sticks that are used in Mexican cooking and baking have a distinct flavor that brings out the chocolate.


Lastly, we add a small handful of California almonds. While the almond flavor is so slight it is almost unnoticeable, the almonds give the chocolate a buttery flavor and improve the consistency. This is also the secret of the Oaxacan-specific chocolate recipe. Many other regions have their own varieties of chocolate, adding vanilla or even chili powder. But the Oaxacan recipe hearkens back to a simpler, purer chocolate experience. The result is a robust chocolate that lets the flavor of the cacao take center stage.